CISO Mentoring Program

Cyber security is merely just another part of the business, it supports it, and if played right, can grow some competitive edges to the business

You hear about these CISOs, you listen to them in conferences and online, and they all have your dream job. You ask yourself – “What did they do right that I still didn’t do?”. The answer is much simpler than the question – most likely they all followed a mentor, another CISO or even a few that guided them to where they are today.

For this exact opportunity for professional growth, CyTech’s founder and president, Mr. Chen Heffer, invites you, a CISO or the future CISO, to his professional mentoring program which will take you to the next level of professionalism. This program will arm you with the set of tools and understanding of how to use your own personality, skillset and life story to become a leading CISO in the cyber industry and put you in line with other world class CISOs.

Mr. Heffer, a highly reputable world class CISO and a CISO mentor, trained and mentored over 350 CISOs worldwide, including CISOs in the Israeli Intelligence and Defense industries, CISOs in global financial institutes, Airlines, Hi-Tech enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing, retail and more. Chen has dedicated the past decade to helping CISOs worldwide to professionally excel and grow, and by that he managed to bring the CISO position closer and closer to the table of senior management and board of directors.

We welcome you to download our CISO Skillset Checklist to start working on sharpening your skills on your path to become a world class CISO.